1. Make sure you are staying within the household income means.

Never spend more than the total household income.



2. Take advantage of your resources…cautiously!

Having the commissary and the exchange make it easy for us to feel like we are saving money because of the commissary’s and exchange’s reputation of having lower prices than typical retail stores. While this may be the case for a lot of items that are necessary, it is also the case for items that are not necessary.  It’s easy to fill-up the shopping cart with unnecessary items just because it “feels” like a good-deal. Why? Because you’re at the exchange! Who doesn’t love the exchange?



3. Just because it is discounted doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it.

One of the best parts of Military life is all the exclusive promotions and discounts military families can receive from different companies. Going on a cruise, retail store discounts, buying a car, etc. Just because it is discounted doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it. If you’re going to get into debt for it then it’s not a good deal, regardless of discount.



4. Deployment Blues Shopping.

One I am most familiar with: “deployment blues shopping.” Am I alone in thinking this is a thing? Don’t fill the void with excess retail therapy.



5. Research can help you save.

The commissary is a great benefit and can be extremely beneficial for certain food products. However always do your due diligence and check local grocery chains in your area for better pricing, sometimes after the surcharges and tipping local grocery chains can be a better deal.



How does your Military family save?

More Ways to Save:

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