As the year comes to a close, your children will start winter break from school. At this time it is customary to give your child’s teacher something in celebration of the season and in gratitude for giving your child a great education. Giving this gift is a nice idea, but sometimes budgets are tight and buying small gifts gets expensive. Here are 5 DIY mason jar teacher gifts that are inexpensive and fun to make, but are also a joy to receive. These gifts are little kits that your child’s teacher can use and enjoy, then save the jar for a cute storage solution for their classroom.

The first step of each of the jars below is to purchase the mason jars themselves. You can find them at any grocery store, Target, or Walmart. The next step is to find construction paper, printer paper, or paint to make your labels or just add a festive ribbon or bow. This will make the jar a holiday decorated gift. Now for the jar ideas.


Hot Cocoa Mason Jars

You may have seen these jars in stores for over $15 dollars, but you can make one for under $5. Just get packets of hot chocolate and empty them into the jar. Then add small marshmallows, chocolate pieces, or peppermint to flavor the hot chocolate. They extra candy pieces will also add a spark of color and will give the gift a personal touch.


Flower Pot Mason Jar

This jar is a great idea because the owner can plant the flowers directly into the jar the gift came in. Simply put potting soil in the jar up to two thirds of the jar. Place the entire seed packet into the jar. Do not open the seed packet as the seeds will germinate before the recipient can plant them. Leave them in the packet and let the color of the packet bring a different dimension to the jar. This one is simple.


Soup Mason Jar

Everyone loves a hot soup on a cold day. This jar will give the recipient a one-pot soup mix that will taste like home made. First add the powdered chicken stock, then add the uncooked egg noodles. Next, add your favorite freeze-dried ingredients like corn, peas, or scallions. The soup and its contents will simmer to a wonderful aroma and make a great comfort meal.


Cookie Mason Jar

Just like the hot chocolate jar, add the ingredients to make cookies. Place the just add water cookie mix into the jar, then add the chocolate chips or any other flavor type you might like. It is that simple.


Craft Mason Jar

This is a great idea for any teacher. Simply add arts and craft materials to the jar. Crayons, markers, post-its, stickers, or anything small and creative you can think of.

Have a great teacher gift idea? Tell us about it in the posts below or tell us your story.

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