Ever look around your car and wonder… where did all that dust come from? What is that strange smell? Or, do I have enough wiper fluid to wash the bugs off my windshield? Or maybe you simply wish that seeing your oil light come on in front of you didn’t have to mean a trip to your local shop… and budget-breaking dollar signs flashing before your eyes.

Well, there are certain things that every driver should be able to do when their car is in less-than-perfect mode. As a Military Spouse… when you may be the only one available to make the fix-ups, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into, and how to correct any issues you find. We’ll help you get you started — or to simply remind you of things you can do very easily.

Here are 5 DIY essential car care fix-ups to help you out:

1) How to Deep-Clean Your Car

(Buzz Feed)

2) How to Refill the Oil in Your Car

(The Family Handyman)

3) How to Refill Your Windshield Wiper Fluid


4) How to Clean Your Headlights


5) How to Remove Rust

(Frugal Family Times)

And, just for good measure: 30 Things You Should Keep in Your Car (Lifehacker)

Want to make your car outshine all the others? Try these comprehensive tips from Pressurecoach.com.

What’s your best car care tip? Let us know by commenting below.

More Hacks That Belong on Your To-Do List:

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