‘Tis the season for Christmas cards, but how many times have you received cards and tossed them because they were not memorable or too ugly or generic to display? Every 1,000 cards equals one tree, so that tossed card makes a difference. Now what if you received a card that was impressive or worth displaying? Here are 5 Christmas card alternatives that will leave a lasting impression.

Plantable Cards

Plantable cards are seed-embedded cards that will keep on giving long after the holidays. These wildflower seeded cards can be planted in a garden for lush looking flowers of all colors. You can find these cards at www.bloomin.com

Cards for Causes

If you want to send a card that makes a difference, check out www.cardsforcauses.com. These cards are printed on recycled paper and use renewable energy to produce. Each card you send will also donate a certain amount to a charity or cause of your choice.


If you want to stay neutral or honor many religious beliefs, it can get tricky. Why not remove all Christmas imagery altogether and be quirky with a post card from your hometown or local attraction. People who live in other towns or cities will find it neat to see where you live.

Video Greetings

Why not get rid of paper altogether and make a video greeting. Using your cell phone or computer, you can make a holiday greeting for free. Post the video to social media, email the video with a nice JPEG image, or send a DVD in the mail.

Handmade Cards

If you’re the crafty type, making your own handmade holiday cards can be a fun activity that makes a big impact. Gather up materials like wrapping paper scraps, brown paper bags, packaging and little bits of natural materials like fir branches instead of purchasing new items for your cards. Martha Stewart has templates to follow, if you need a place to start.

Do you have any holiday card alternative ideas? Leave a post or tell us your story.


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