By Marysa Stevens
SpouseLink Guest Blogger

Search online and you’ll find a plethora of blogs and articles about the trials and hardships of military spouses. It’s not an easy life, and there are a lot of perspectives others share. We are driven by the same call our spouses have to serve, sacrifice, and persist through adversity to achieve goals. In this vein, a military spouse and businessperson or entrepreneur share a lot of similar qualities. During my husband’s nine-month deployment, I raised our newborn daughter alone, while our closest family was more than 2,000 miles away. The timing was far from ideal, but when faced with no choice, I dug deep into an inner strength I never knew I had. The challenges and lessons I learned along the way taught me lessons applicable to professional life:

  • There will always be changes — the only certainty is uncertainty
  • Inner strength and adversity is easy to find when you have no choice
  • Priorities become clearer
  • Networking reigns queen
  • Ask for and accept help

Throughout the deployment I was able to continue working for select clients, build on my portfolio of work and earn income. I set weekly and monthly goals, and I trusted my gut when it came to networking and where I valued my time. These are lifelong lessons I’ll carry with me throughout my career.

Read Marysa’s full story on her blog, Stevens Signature.

About Marysa Stevens

Marysa Stevens is the owner of Stevens Signature Marketing, a freelance writing and marketing company she started to avoid career stagnation as the military spouse of an active duty Army physician. She has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Nevada.


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