Whether you’re in a new relationship or you guys have been together forever, military love has its up and downs. Here are the 5 best things about military love.

His Dedication to His Country

I love it when someone thanks my husband for her service, or offers him discounts, or even lets him off speeding tickets (three times now!) because of his job. I’m sure he feels the same way. But I know he doesn’t do it for the “perks”. I can tell because I notice the “little things”: His immediate sense of pride when the national anthem is played, the extra care he takes in handling American flags no matter how small they are, and how he smiles every time a recruiting commercial comes on the TV. It’s more than just a paycheck to him. Of course, the work is hard, but what he is doing now will be one of the most rewarding things he will accomplish in his lifetime.

The Reunions

Indeed, separation (no matter how long the time or distance) is one of the cons when it comes to the military lifestyle. It does, however, make for some epic reunions. From one-on-one airport meetings to the one in front of 50,000 people in a football stadium, the elation you feel when you see your military love again is unlike any other happiness. He is safe. He is home. Your other half is back and it’s like you feel whole again.

The Tradition

If you have ever been to a military ball or a promotion ceremony, you would realize all of the traditions and customs that these service members go through. Some of these customs are even centuries old. It makes you realize how you and your man are part of history. When future generations read about wars, they will be reading about our nation’s military. They will be reading about the sacrifices made to ensure that they had a future. You’ll see tradition anywhere if you look hard enough. It’s in the war-time exhibit of museums. It’s in the wedding ceremony for military couples. It’s in the way your military man stands when the “Anchors Aweigh” (or other military song) plays.

The Adventure

Being in a military relationship means always being aware that you could be sent all over the world. It means that you could visit countries you would have never visited otherwise or see different parts in the country you’ve never been too. It also means meeting different people from different backgrounds, and being an extended tourist. It means having life stories to tell about all the different places you have visited whether they’ve been good or bad. A bonus is that the government pays for most of it.

The Uniform

Whether it’s the working uniform, or his dress uniform, or even his PT uniform. It all looks good. There is never a bad picture of a man in uniform.

What are your favorite things about military love?


About the Author

JD Collins is a writer and a new mom. She has been published on Hawaii Army Weekly, Hawaii Military Wives, Military OneClick, and Mamá Y Familia.  She writes about the daily challenges of being a working mom and a military spouse in her blog “A Semi-Delicate Balance”.  Writing and creating content has always been her passion. She receives inspiration from her family, friends, and the amazing adventures she’s able to go on.

When not writing, she enjoys chasing around her son and her beagle named Charlie-girl.

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