An increasingly popular baby shower theme is guessing the gender of the new baby girl or boy. If you’ve ever attended one of these ‘reveal’ themed showers, you probably already know how tough it is to buy a gift when you don’t know the baby’s gender going into the party.

Don’t fret, here are some easy solutions for any budget.

1. The Bobalong

No more dropped bottles or pacifiers! This handy gift idea has interchangeable attachments for 6- to 18-month-old children to allow them easy access to a bottle or pacifier without losing or dropping them. It also prevents the mouthpieces from dangling around and touching germy surfaces. At a very reasonable $29, The Bobalong also includes free shipping.

2. Handprint Clay DIY

This is a really sweet gift idea for the new parents. They’ll be able to create a tiny footprint or handprint with their new little one. A classic keepsake they’ll be able to keep for years!

3. Baby Nail Trimmer

Trimming a baby’s nails can be a traumatic experience for both babies and parents. The Buzz B. Nail Trimmer is a safe and gentle way to file those nails without any risk of cutting their fingers or scary cutting sounds. This safe gift idea is only $30!

4. Diaper Cakes

This is a gift you’ll be able to put together yourself if you are up for a crafting project. Since diapers are one of the most expensive baby supplies for new parents, the diaper cake will be an adorable and welcome gift. Include a few plush toys and ribbon in a gender-neutral color for that extra flair.

5. Baby Shusher

A tiny crib-side accessory, the Baby Shusher helps relax a fussy baby by mimicking the comforting sounds it experienced prior to birth. At 34.99, this gift will bring sanity back to the new parents!

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