Unfortunately, deployments can last a long time, and so much can happen while your spouse is away. It’s important for them to know that even though you’re back home, going on with your life day-to-day, your love for and pride in them remains stronger than ever.

So, if you find yourself feeling particularly alone on Valentine’s Day – or any day – here is a craft that can put you and your deployed spouse in a better mood. It’s a box or jar full of 365 handwritten reasons why you love your spouse – one for every day of the year that they are deployed. Or, you can customize the number for the days they are gone. It’s your creativity and your choice!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A shoebox, photobox or glass container (with a lid)
  • Ribbon, fancy stickers and any other decorative embellishments of your choice

The images above should give you some good visual inspiration!

  • Colorful paper
  • Scissors
  • Ideas (reasons why you love your service member)

This gift will show how much you love and miss your service member on Valentine’s Day, and will warm their heart each day they’re away!

What are some of your favorite care package ideas?


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