Wish you had thicker, more luxurious locks? Guest blogger Viki Howell of Salon East NYC has a few tips and tricks up her sleeves. Read on to see what she suggests.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing thin hair and want to resolve this problem, there are a lot of different ways to combat it, such as wigs, waves, or extensions. But those options aren’t appealing to everyone… and your first step shouldn’t be covering up the problem but instead figuring out if your thinning hair is reversible, or if it’s the result of genetics, illness and/or age. Things you may not have even thought of — such as medication you’re taking — can have an adverse affect on hair growth. Besides taking a supplement like Biotin (vitamin B5) to boost nutrients to your hair, skin and nails, what else can you do?

Thin Hair Tip2

Here are 3 incredible ways to style your hair and make it look thick:

#1 Change your hair color

It is the easiest decision, which supposed to come to your mind if you want to improve your look. The darker your hair is, the more noticeable the thin strands are. If you wear black or dark chocolate shades now, it is better to change it. Make your hair two, or even three shades lighter, if you are brave enough. After these manipulations, your problem will not be as noticeable as before.

#2 Go for layering

Make an appointment at your favorite hair salon and ask for good layering. It is the best way to add coveted volume to your hair. As we all know, volume is the best friend of every woman. There are a lot of different techniques meant for layering your hair, so you will definitely find the one most appropriate. If you are absolutely not loving the first and the second variants, opt for the third one.

#3 Add some accessories

If your hair is totally damaged by chemicals and dried out because of coloring, previous steps will make the whole situation even worse. What should you do then? Give your locks some rest! Put away all hair products and try hair accessories. Headbands, scarves, and so on can make the whole look.

Use our tips and visit Salon East NYC to learn how to take the best out of your strands.

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About Victoria Howell
Viki is from Brooklyn, New York, and a graduate of NY University with a degree in Arts and Sciences. She enjoys many hobbies, but the one she finds most interesting is writing. She started writing as a child, including articles for her school newspaper. She then began to create short stories while at the university. Now, she lends her skills to writing blog posts about haircuts, hair care and hair styling for men and women. You can find more of her tips and other information on hairsalonprestige.com.

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