He’s got your back all year, no matter how far away he is. We’ve gathered together 3 gift ideas that are sure to make him feel warm, cozy and close to home. And you can DIY any of them in less than an afternoon’s worth of time. So, put on your crafty hat and get to work!

1) Pair of Hand Warmers

Ever not want to go check the mail in the winter because you know that crisp cold air is going to chill you to the bone? Or, how about sitting at an outdoor sporting event for hours on end? Your fingers can feel like icicles. A simple solution: Handmade hand warmers. This pair is just for dad, made of cozy flannel and edged in a simple contrasting blanket stitch that’s easy to repeat. You can whip these up in no time. See the tutorial on I Heart Naptime.

hand warmers

What you’ll need:

Four 4-1/2″ squares of fabric — A sheet of paper
Rice or Ceramic Pie Weights — Embroidery Floss and Needle

2) Set of 4 Leather Coasters

At first glance, you may think these will be tricky to put together. (Where does one purchase a sheet of leater?) Think again. You can find supplies at your local thrift store in the form of: a vest, a purse, a pair of… pants? You can back your creation with felt or cork board from a craft store. Punching holes around the rim and crocheting the edge is optional. But you can find the instructions for this design from Make and Do Crew.

leather coaster

What you’ll need:

Leather Scrap Approximately 8″X8″ (Hint: Cut up a Leather Thrift Store Purse)
Scrap of Felt or Sheet of Cork — Leather Hole Punch
Hardware Store Cotton Twine — Crochet Hook — Scissors — Craft Glue
A Glass and Vase — A Pen — Leather Waterproofer (Optional)

3) Home State String Art

Whether Dad is away from home or not, showing some love to his home state is easy to do. This project, which requires little more than a map, yarn or string, a plank of wood and some (okay, a lot) nails, is a great choice to decorate Dad’s man cave or office. You can even use string that’s his favorite color, and place the “heart” in the part of the state where he grew up. Give it a try with details from DIYProjects.com.

string art

What you’ll need:

Wood — Hammer — Nails — Scissors — String
Sandpaper — Masking tape — Map Template

What’s your favorite holiday memory of Dad? Let us know by commenting below, or share your story.

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