As winter seems to be holding on as long as possible for many around the country, you might be interested in some ways to boost your mood and energy while making your way into the springtime.

Certain foods help to build your brain and affect the hormonal balance in your body. Goodness knows your brain and hormones are 2 things you definitely want balanced and working in your favor!


Here are a few foods recommended by Christine Eubanks (Holistic Nutrition Coach at Love and Tomatoes) that encourage hormone development, and help those hormones make their way to the brain, allowing you to think clearly and feel your best!


Beets are a natural sugar and are high in fiber, helping regulate your sugar levels and keep you going throughout the day without the ups and downs, or the dreaded crash.


A dark, leafy green veggie, broccoli is vitamin-filled powerhouse that’s sure to revitalize you.

Chia Seeds

A bit more unconventional in most kitchens than beets or broccoli, this superfood is full of all kinds of vitamins, protein, good fats which support healthy brain function.

What foods keep you feeling your best?  Let us know in the comments below.

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