The holidays have passed, along with all the big-meals that come with them. Now you may find yourself wearing your stretchy and oversized clothes just to feel comfortable — while simultaneously dreaming of and dreading brighter, sunnier days when you won’t have to wear a heavy coat just to go outside to check the mail. Well, the good news is: you still have plenty of time shake off a few extra holiday-induced pounds before the warmer weather kicks in again.

Here are 3 easy winter workout ideas to get you started.

1. Dance the night away

You don’t need a partner, but if anyone’s around… ask them to join you. The more the merrier! Just turn on your favorite upbeat music and have at it. Try to keep it going for at least half an hour. Make it a full, non-stop hour, if you can. Not only will you work off a few calories, but all of your fancy dance moves will work toward toning your muscles. Every little bit counts!

2. Dig through your pantry

No, you’re not going to eat anything. You’re looking for soup cans you can hold comfortably in your hands to use as weights. They may be a lightweight way to help you get your energy up, but if you keep your efforts going, you will see that even a little bit of weight training can make a difference to your regular leg, arm and shoulder exercises.

3. Lap it up

Have a staircase in your house? Go up and down it a few times, walking the perimeter of your rooms, one by one as you reach each level. Upstairs, downstairs. Repeat. You might even notice something on the first round that belongs in another room of the house. No problem… just go around again, pick it up and deliver it to the right room. It’s exercise and ingenuity all in one!

If nothing else, getting up and moving around will increase your overall good feelings… which is a great way to spark even more motivation to look and feel your best all year long.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with any exercise program, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor before participating in any new activity. The exercise tips above are meant as suggestions only. Use your best judgment and listen to the individual needs of your own body.

Have any other indoor workout tips? Let us know by commenting below or clicking on “Tell Your Story”.

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