Real Simple is a fantastic resource and the writers bring us a great article on how to save on 10 household goods.  You may be surprised how much you can actually save annually with these tips on buying household essentials, clothing, and personal products. Check out the photo gallery above. What tips do you have for saving on everyday essentials?

1. Toilet Paper

Most of the time, mass retailers like Sam’s Club (which have an annual membership fee) and Target charge 8 to 10% less on toilet paper than grocery chains do. However, near the first and 15th of each month, many supermarkets discount paper products by 20 to 40 percent.

Annual Savings: $25

2. Postage

The average household receives about six credit card statements monthly, not to mention cellular, cable, and utility bills. Make the switch to online bill pay and almost eliminate your mailing costs.

Annual Savings: $49

3. DVDs

Online and in-store prices can differ drastically. To find the best deal quickly, use the free ShopSavvy app. It lists the lowest prices on movies and games. Scan an item’s in-store bar code to compare the price with those of nearby retailers and online merchants that stock the product. (Example: A DVD of Water for Elephants was $34 online but $20 at a local store.)

4. Socks, Underwear, T-Shirts

Use discounted gift cards to cut the cost of clothing staples. Go to and purchase cards from stores like Old Navy, Target, and Macy’s for as much as 35 percent off their stated value.

Annual Savings: $97

5. Sneakers

Shopping an unexpected retailer for footwear can yield big savings. Sierra Trading Post ( offers steep discounts on name-brand kicks from the likes of Saucony and New Balance. And it gives an additional 20 percent off to customers who follow its Twitter feed or like its Facebook page.

Annual Savings: $168

6. Batteries

Try using rechargeable ones. USBCell batteries ($18 for two, work just like other AA batteries, and they recharge in about five hours when plugged into any USB port.

Annual Savings: $14

7. Laundry Detergent

If it’s compatible with your machine, choose the powdered version of this cleaner and you’ll cut your costs by at least 10 percent.

Annual Savings: $9

8. Diapers

You’ll find the deepest discounts on disposables from major brands if you purchase them through’s Warehouse Deals department. “The boxes may be damaged, but the product is always fine,” says Kimberly Danger, the author of Instant Bargains.

Annual Savings: $173

9. Eyeglasses sells eyeglasses for $88 (including the prescription) and provides free shipping and returns. Find a style that you like and enjoy a digital try-on by uploading a photo of yourself.

Annual Savings: $320

10. Pet Food’s Subscribe & Save service ships various household products to your doorstep on a schedule of your choosing, from monthly to every six months. It offers numerous pet-food brands— both grocery-store varieties and more natural ones at prices up to 15% lower than what you would pay at a big-box pet store. Delivery is free.

Annual Savings: $50

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