We came across this amazing list of how to help your Military neighbor and their family. Military folks never expect kind gestures, but they deeply appreciate them. Probably more so than most people will ever know. Here are some ways you can support your Military friend or another MilSpouse!

1. Ask them over for dinner

It can get lonely for a MilSpouse during a deployment. Invite them over for a dinner, or make it a weekly event. You’d be surprised how much they’ll look forward to those special nights.

2. Bring dinner to their house

Even a casserole that can be put in the freezer for the rest of the week is incredibly helpful, especially if the MilSpouse is chasing little ones.

3. Offer your contact information

Give them permission to call or email you if they need something – even if it’s an extra key to get back in the house!

4. Grocery shop

If you’re making a grocery or Target run, ask if your MilSpouse friend needs anything.

5. Take out the trash

If their trash and/or recycle receptacles are outside, take them to the curb – it’s really not that hard!

6. Offer to babysit

Be specific. If they know you well, offer to take their kids with you on a playdate.

7. Bring over a plate of cookies

Attach a note with the names of your family members and contact information. The baked goods don’t have to be homemade – even store bought goodies will be a kind gesture.

8. Help with home improvement

Many Spouses have the urge to do house projects while on the home front. So much of the Military lifestyle is out of their control, so home improvement projects help them feel in control. Help them paint a room or pick out curtains. Even something simple like lending a ladder is helpful.

9. Swap movies, books, and magazines

Let them borrow your Netflix movies and return them for you.

10. Bring a Starbucks treat just because

This provides a great way to check in and see how they are.

11. Send a card

It’s easy for MilSpouses to feel ignored. A simple card or email will remind them they are cared for.

12. Invite them to participate

Even if they can’t make it the first few times, don’t quit asking.

13. Refer them to your people

If you have a hair dresser or a dentist you like, ask your MilSpouse friend if they would like their contact info.

14. Give the gift of green

Potted flowers can truly brighten a home!

15. Give encouragement

Find what interests your MilSpouse friend and give them encouragement to do it! Recognize them when they make achievements, even if they are super small.

16. Give their yard a helping hand

While you’re out mowing your own yard, hop on over to theirs for a quick trim.

17. Remember their birthday

Surprise them with a card or a piece of cake.

18. Remember them on holidays

Make sure to include your MilSpouse friend in holidays, especially when their loved one is away. It could be as simple as a holiday gift or a Mother’s Day card.

19. Follow through

If you say you’ll do something to help, then make sure to do it!

20. Keep them in your thoughts and say “Thank You”

It is the least and the most you can do.

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