We love the fact that the 2012 Military Spouse of the Year is a man! Jeremy Hilton, Air Force Academy gradate and former Navy Officer, has been a MilSpouse for 15 years. Here is what his wife had to say about Jeremy when she nominated him: “My husband, Jeremy, is a stay at home father of our two wonderful children. Jeremy entered the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in 1991 and graduated with an aeronautical engineering degree in 1995. At graduation, he cross-commissioned into the Navy as an Ensign, where his first duty station was the Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando, FL. Jeremy completed Naval Nuclear Prototype training at Charleston, SC, and Submarine Officer training in Groton, Connecticut, before reporting to the USS Nevada (SSBN-733) in 1996. While assigned to the Nevada, he completed five strategic deterrent patrols, qualified as Officer of the Deck, Engineering Officer of the Watch, Strategic Weapons Duty Officer, and Engineer on the S8G Nuclear Plant. In 2002, while on shore duty at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C., Kate was born with significant medical issues. Due to the expectation of a higher deployment tempo in the Navy, Jeremy decided to separate from the Navy and take care of Kate full time. Since then, Jeremy has not only made it his mission to advocate for our family, but for the thousands of other similarly affected military families. Jeremy has taken on a leadership role in advocating for both Military and non-Military families on issues including special education, medical care and long term care issues. He is a published author as well as a highly regarded speaker on issues involving Military families with special needs. He has briefed the Congressional Military Family Caucus, numerous Congressional delegations and staffers on the Armed Services Committee, HELP Committee, on the Judiciary Committee and in the White House. At the national level, Jeremy coordinates legislation related to Military families impacted by a disability with groups including the Military Officer’s Association of America, the National Military Family Association, Blue Star Families and the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities. His expertise has been sought by the White House, the Congress, the Government Accountability Office, the National Council on Disability and the Department of Defense. Jeremy is a passionate advocate for inclusion of individuals with disabilities. He produced a video series (Creating Access for All) to encourage churches to start disability ministries at their places of worship. Jeremy volunteers additional time at our church and with the 2nd Field Investigations Squadron Key Spouse Program. He accomplishes this all while also attending a graduate program at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Jeremy is a passionate advocate for military families and so deserving of the honor of being the 2012 Military Spouse of the Year!!!”   Find more great stuff at BaseGuide.com

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