Stress and worry are perhaps the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to moving toward a life filled with success and happiness.  I have put together the following 11 tips/practical suggestions to help you get relief from the stress and worry in your life!

1. See the big picture

Sometimes we get our priorities in life all mixed up and get worked up over things that are really not  essential in the long run. Ask yourself if what you are worried about is really worth all the trouble. More than likely you are so focused on the things that cause the stress rather than keeping your focus on what is working in your life.  When you do this you aren’t seeing the big picture and your happiness suffers.

2. Shift your focus

If you are feeling anxious, try to take your mind off your immediate concern, even if it’s only for a little while. Shift your focus to something more positive and you will instantly feel calmer and more energized.  You can always go back to the problem at hand, and when you do, you will find that you are able to think a lot clearer and may even be open to seeing new solutions and possibilities. 

3. Find the true perspective

Sometimes when we are facing problems or are under a great deal of stress, we feel as if our life is actually worse off than anybody else’s. It’s easy to see all the “shoulds” and head down the road to nowhere land. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  If you allow yourself to take a really good look around, leave the judgement and “shoulds” behind,  you will find that you will soon be able to get a true perspective about what is really going on. You can come to the conclusion that while you may have some big issues to deal with, you have the strength and insightto conquer anything life throws at you.

4. Breathe

Take some deep breaths.  The increased oxygen and the physical act of breathing deeply relaxes your mind and your body.

5. Exercise

Exercise as much as you can. There are very few things that can help you as much as a good workout can. You can select whatever exercise suits you best – from aerobics to kickboxing to jogging or a game of tennis, maybe even yoga. Any one of these will help you to naturally release endorphins and lighten your mood, making you feel more positive and able to deal with whatever problem you are facing. 

6. Stop and do-over

If you are feeling extremely anxious or stressed out, stop for a minute and clear your mind of all thoughts. Say out loud “Stop” and proceed to begin to “do-over” whatever is causing your anxiety and stress. This simple stopping technique “re-sets” your thought patterns and your priorities, and will not only give you the strength to begin to feel more energized but allow you to focus and deal with what’s really going on. 

7. Learn to let go

No one can really be prepared for every situation or event that comes up in their lives. And sometimes, even after careful planning, your life takes an unexpected turn.  Understanding that you can let go and look at the situation as just an unexpected turn makes things easier to deal with. Do not read more into it, do not play the “what if” or blaming game, let go of the thoughts and stories that feed anything that isn’t in your highest good.

8. Go Outside

Spend some time with nature. Take some walks in nature parks or conservation parks to relax yourself.  Being outside renews your spirit and relaxes your mind!

9. Change the “toxic” chatter

So often when we are stressed, what we say to ourselves and the thoughts in our minds can be really damaging.  Replace negatives chatter with positive. Instead of viewing every event as a setback, view it positively. Find the good in a situation and focus on that!  If your child is sick and you have to be home with her, do not be upset but take this as an opportunity to spend some quality time with her.

10. Connect

Prayer and meditation are simple things you can do which will help you to ease your mind and find strength. When you are feeling overwhelmed with nervousness or anxiety, just take a few minutes and connect. Clear your mind of all your troubles and concentrate on something positive and let go. In doing so, you will feel stronger, be at peace, and be in a better frame of mind.

11. Find that happy place

Our minds are amazing things, and can take us away from the stress to the sunny beaches of Fiji in the blink of an instant.  Known as positive visualization, our minds can actually help us to “escape” a particular moment by thinking of a happy and peaceful place. This simple technique will stir up happy positive feelings and create a chemical response in your body as if you were actually there!


The Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, blogger, and author who is the expert in helping military spouses move Beyond Logistics toward a better life.

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