They’re easy to shape, quick to bake, and have endless decorating options. Sugar cookies are one of the most versatile and crowd-pleasing treats on the dessert table. July 9 is National Sugar Cookie Day, making summer a great time to jazz up your time-honored recipe with flavors of the season. Below are 10 summer-inspired sugar cookie creations that will make the season extra sweet.

1. S’mores Bars

Sure, the process of toasting marshmallows around a campfire is one of the most appealing aspects of s’mores, but sometimes you want to indulge in a little gooey goodness without having to play fire marshal, too. That’s where these flame-free bars from Food Network come in.

2. Beach Scene Sugar Cookies

While this recipe from Taste of Home is for a simple sugar cookie and icing recipe, the decorations are giving us serious vacation envy. Whip up a batch of light blue icing to mimic water and populate your beach scene with cocktail umbrellas, Lifesavers® candies, animal-shaped crackers, and other tropical goodies.

3. Pineapple Upside Down Sugar Cookies

No flavor says summer quite like the tropical juiciness of pineapple, and no dessert captures it like quite like pineapple upside-down cake. Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt puts a new spin on the treat by capturing all of its moist, sugary tastiness in a cookie.

4. Orange Blossom Cookies

Your kitchen will bloom with the vibrant aroma of these citrusy cookies. Taste of Home shows you how a splash of fresh orange juice, a flower-shaped cookie cutter, and a dab of orange icing liven up an ordinary cookie recipe.

5. Cherry Pie Cookie Cups

Revel in the nostalgic comfort of a fresh-baked cherry pie without the hassle of blending, rolling, and cutting pie crust. These tempting cherry pie cups from Lemon Tree Dwelling use refrigerated cookie dough for a hassle-free twist on an old classic.

6. Watermelon Slice Cookies

Just a few drops of food coloring and a sprinkle of chocolate chips transform plain old cookies into summer’s favorite fruit. Six Sisters’ Stuff shows you how to make these adorable cookies that will have you smiling as wide as the melon they resemble.

7. Firecracker Cookies

The 4th of July may be over, but that’s no reason to put away the fireworks. These red, white, and blue cookies will light up your taste buds with a Pop Rocks® candy filling. Get the how-to from Tablespoon.

8. Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

With soft, buttery cookies and refreshing ice cream, biting into an ice cream sandwich is liking getting two desserts in one. This recipe from Sally’s Baking Addition adds rainbow sprinkles to the cookie dough for extra pizazz.

9. Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

Did you go a little crazy buying fresh fruit at the farmer’s market? Put it to good use by topping this sugar cookie crust with a colorful array of summer’s bounty. Oh, Sweet Basil has the recipe.

10. Key Lime Sugar Cookies

A Dash of Sanity puts a refreshing twist on sugar cookies with fresh lime and a tangy buttercream frosting. Just one bite will send you on a culinary trip to the tropics.

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