Kids & Deployment Book: “We Serve, Too!”

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We Serve Too! is a 4-part book series for children, written by Kathleen Edick and Paula J. Johnson. The series consists of A Child’s Deployment Book, A Child’s Reunion Book, The Homecoming Box, and Little Daisy’s Worst/Best Day (tackling the topic of relocation).

Today, we’re taking a look at the deployment tale.  The perfect bedtime story for a child with a deployed loved one; this sweet story presents deployment from a child’s perspective.

Check out the video above as co-author and book illustrator Kathleen Edick reads the story. There are also free discussion guides available on the We Serve Too! website so that you can help your child work through their feelings about their parent being away on deployment.

If you’d prefer the hardcover version to read with your little one, it’s available on Amazon.


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