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You’ve probably seen this random act of kindness on the morning news or around the Web.

We wanted to share the love, taking a moment to cheer on Carol Flynn of Sioux Falls, North Dakota, who — not knowing she was being filmed by another customer — decided to help a young mom pay for diapers she was having some trouble affording.

Without a second thought, after overhearing that the woman wasn’t allowed to buy more than 1 package of diapers at the discounted, price-matched price, Flynn walked over to pay for the 3 additional packages that the new mom had set aside — just because she had the means to do so.

It may have been a simple act to Carol Flynn, but this random act of kindness meant so much to Katie Kanefke (the new mom).

It’s wonderful to see things like this happen.

What’s a good deed you’ve heard about or seen in action recently?


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