Military Family Received Ultimate PCS Surprise

Rachel Tringali Marston |

Eddie Hutchinson, an Army helicopter pilot of 18 years contacted a Seattle-based interior designer, Keith Miller, to see if he could pull off a surprise for his wife Laura, with is active duty Army. His wish was to have their perfect home put together from front door to back door with all their household goods in place — before even seeing the home from their last installation in Virginia.

Keith was inspired and sight unseen dressed up this deserving military family’s new home with their own furnishings and gave Laura plus their daughter an amazing gift. It took five months of planning, 5 days and 10 people to complete the surprise for this $50,000 worth project! This was truly a gift from the heart from a civilian to this military family.

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About the Author

Rachel Tringali Marston, an Army wife, is the public relations and communications manager for the Automated Housing Referral Networkwhich helps military families find homes around the world. She is a Texas expat who is stationed with her husband in the Washington, DC, area at Fort Belvoir.


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