“Brothers Forever”

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The release of a new book memorializing two service members who were killed in two separate countries, three years apart, defending their nation is the perfect symbol of Memorial Day.

Here’s Why

Travis Manion and Brendan Looney met as students in the Naval Academy. They became roommates and their relationship evolved into that of brothers. Manion joined the Marines, and Looney trained to become a Navy SEAL. Manion was killed by sniper fire in 2007. Looney delivered an emotional eulogy to his brother – not knowing he would be joining him in Arlington National Cemetery 3 years later, after passing away on a deployment to Afghanistan.

“Brothers Forever,” co-written by Manion’s father and award-winning journalist Tom Sileo, chronicles their enduring friendship and sacrifices experienced by many within the post-9/11 generation.

Learn more about their story by ordering your copy fromĀ Amazon.


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