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A PCS can mean leaving a job you love or one you’ve relied on over the last few years. So how do you go about finding a new one in a new location as a military spouse? SpouseLink’s Career stories offer tips, advice, and insights on MilSpouse job resources and career-planning tools that can help you achieve your professional goals in your new hometown. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try searching for a keyword.



5 Benefits of a Having a Flexible Career as a Military Spouse

At the start of every New Year, we all take time to assess where we’ve been and where we’re going. And our careers can be a big part of that picture. But as a Military Spouse, you may hesitate about settling into a full-time job. Never fear. SpouseLink has 5 reasons to take your career on the move.

Looking for a MilSpouse “Side Gig” (Not a Career)?

You want to earn money to help support your military family, but you don’t have the time, desire or energy to take on a full-time career. Sometimes it’s because you’re holding down your household on your own, or you have to be able to take your career wherever you go. See ideas for part-time work on SpouseLink.

5 Business Lessons Military Spouses Can Learn During a Deployment

Do you run a business, a household, or both? Military Spouses can handle it all if they have learned these 5 lessons. Marysa Stevens is a MilSpouse who realized during a deployment that the ways she had to handle life during a deployment were very much like being an entrepreneur. See what she learned on SpouseLink.

USMCR Turns 102

Happy birthday to the United States Marine Corps Reserve! 102 is really getting up there. But even after more than a century, the USMCR is still going strong. We’re honored and humbled by your many, many years of brave and tireless service. SpouseLink thanks you for all that you have done and continue to do.

How to Make an Empowering MilSpouse Career Move

When you’ve lived the MilSpouse life for a while as a stay-at-home parent, making the move toward a new career, or reclaiming your old one, can bring forth a number of questions & concerns to consider. AAFMAA Assistant Secretary Charlene Wilde shares her personal experience & advice. Get her insights on SpouseLink.

President Trump’s Plan for Military Spouse Employment

President Trump has issued an executive order with the directive to help Military Families by assisting Military Spouses in finding careers with the Federal Government. Get the details on SpouseLink and see how this could help you take your portable professional skills with you throughout your career.

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