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Ways to Show Love to Furry Friends

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There’s no denying it. We all like to think of our pets as members of the family. They can be snugly, protective, loving and concerned for us. Whether we’re gone for a minute, an hour, a day, or months at a time, we can count on them to remember us and welcome us home — wherever home happens to be. What can we give them in return? How about tasty homemade treats when they’re being good or showing off their super pet skills, cozy cushions for naptimes, and the right tools and tricks for gorgeous grooming. What else? Well, check out these smart and fun ways we found to show love to the furry friends who are part of your Military Family:






And here are a few more tips:

Courtesy of Labrador Training HQ:

What treats do your pets love to get from you? Let us know by commenting below or clicking on “Tell Your Story“.

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