Summer Travel Plans… Got Any?

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Think it’s too early to plan ahead for summer travel? Guess again. January 30th is National Plan for Vacation Day. We know military families love to travel and see new places and experience interesting parts of the world. So where would you like to go?

We’ve got a little inspiration for you: Take a look below and see where some of our guest bloggers have been… and the advice they have to share with you to make things go more smoothly.

If you’d like to share your own travel adventures with us, let us know anytime! We’d love to hear from you.

Vacation Stories:

The Outer Banks: A Trip to Remember

On Holiday: A Trip to Gettysburg, PA

A Springtime Getaway to Paris

Travel Inspiration: Hong Kong With Kids

Exotic Escape: Family Trip to Bali

Travel Planning Tips for Military Families:

6 Travel Opportunities for Military Families to Take a Break

4 Unusual Military Travel Perks

Tips to Make Foreign Travel a Little Easier:

5 Things: Traveling to Foreign Countries

Traveling with kids?

Lessons Learned: Traveling with Kids

Flight Tips When Traveling With Babies

The Good & the Bad of Traveling with Kids

Wherever you go, and no matter how you get there… have fun!



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