SpouseLink on Location: Love Anchors the Soul at the Mermaid Factory

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SpouseLink Ambassador Sarah recently hosted a painting event in March 2018 at The Mermaid Factory in Norfolk, VA. Some very creative Military Spouses put their artistic talents to work on painted mermaids and signs. In attendance were two Navy wives, one Army wife (from Germany), and one Coast Guard wife. Sarah confessed that she had “never met a Coast Guard wife so that was neat”. And Sarah passed along the info to the Army wife that we have a SoouseLink Ambassador (Jessica!) in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sarah also explained to the group what SpouseLink is all about and why she was so eager to join our team. “Their faces showed a sign of relief learning that there was a way for them to feel empowered and have support outside of their immediate support circle.” Awesome job, Sarah! We are, of course, here for this very reason!

Now… back to painting…

Did any mermaids swim away? Watch and see:

More fun with Sarah:

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SpouseLink on Location: USO’s Military Appreciation Day at Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, VA

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