SpouseLink on Location: Father’s Day Card-Making Party at Camp Lejeune

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We could celebrate Military Dads every day of the year! But, officially, they only gets one day. No worries, though. SpouseLink Ambassador Gisella had the situation covered with a DIY crafting event in her home base at Camp Lejeune. With plenty of time available for the celebration of all things Dad, she hosted a Father’s Day Card Making Event and said, “It was an absolute blast.”

Gisella created two card demos for the kids and wives to re-create using their own creativity. The craft session started at 10am so she offered them light snacks, coffee, tea and water in the DIYable comfort of her home. Gisella noted that she has a pretty big backyard where the kids could run in and out if they chose — she even provided ice cream as a cool-down (or is that calm-down?) method. In the end, the amazing creativity of 13 ladies and 20 kids was on display while Gisella shared the benefits of SpouseLink and AAFMAA with them. Nice work, Gisella!

Let’s see what everyone made:

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