Planet Fitness Wants to Give Kids a Workout and a Scholarship

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This summer, Planet Fitness is lending a helping hand in more ways than one. The creators of the “Judgement Free Zone” and lunk alarms are adding a little extra incentive for those that want to reach their fitness goals. Specifically, those that now haveĀ a lotĀ more free time since they won’t be in the classroom.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about students. Starting on May 15, 2019, Planet Fitness is hosting a Teen Summer Challenge Scholarship Sweepstakes for kids aged 15 through 18. Instead of spending all summer inside on Fortnite, why not use that three-month break from school getting fit. At least that’s Planet Fitness’s idea.

The sweepstakes will run through September 1, 2019 so there’s some time to get your entry in. Heading to your local Planet Fitness is by far the easiest way to submit your sweepstakes entry. Once kids are on their way back to school, Planet Fitness will announce the 52 winners. One winning teen from each state (and Washington, DC) will receive a $500 scholarship. Additionally, one grand prize winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship from Planet Fitness. Not a bad payday while you workout.

And just because Planet Fitness isn’t offering scholarships to adults doesn’t mean you can’t swing by the gym, too. Having a gym partner doesn’t just help you stick to your workout routine, it’s also a great time for some bonding with your teen.

Even after the summer’s over, Planet Fitness makes staying healthy easy for MilFams. In addition to low monthly costs, Planet Fitness allows its members to cancel or freeze their accounts any time, free of charge, in case of deployment or PCS.

You can read the full contest details for the Teen Summer Challenge Scholarship Sweepstakes on their website. Or stop by your local Planet Fitness gym. They’ll be more than happy to give you the run down.

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