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Ever wonder why, with all the other decisions you make for your family, you haven’t been able to secure military life insurance for them on your own? Well, now you can. The American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA), the country’s longest standing not-for-profit organization expressly serving all branches of the American Armed Forces community, recently announced its Spouse Purchase Initiative. Now MilSpouses can purchase AAFMAA insurance and services on their own.

Until now, only active duty servicemembers could make this purchase for their military families. The Spouse Purchase Initiative is the first program of its kind to be made available to spouses of Active Duty servicemembers and honorably discharged veterans who are also AAFMAA members. If you aren’t an AAFMAA member already, it may be a great time to learn more and consider signing up. 

Why was this program created? AAFMAA recognizes the ongoing need of military spouses to provide for their families when their partners are away and may be unavailable to help make decisions. AAFMAA also believes in putting its members first and continuing its reputation as a pioneer among military insurance and financial service providers.

Read more about the program, including why it’s important for you to be able to take advantage of this great new opportunity. Be sure to look into the whole range of affordable options AAFMAA has for you to consider.

AAFMAA’s Spouse Purchase Initiative program was also featured on Military.com: New Insurance Program for Military Spouses

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