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The spouse of a Military retiree, Karen Jowers was determined not to let Military life stand in the way of her career aspirations. In her most recent Marine Corps Times article, Karen raises the question about bringing up the status as a Military Spouse when in talks with a potential employer.

The number of MilSpouses seeking work is on the rise with the Military downsizing that will take place in upcoming years.

In a survey implemented by researchers at Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families, in association with the Military Officers Association of America, over 2,000 female spouses were posed with this dilemma.  Of those surveyed, 59% would inform their current and potential employer that they were married to a Service Member.

Telling an employer could be a positive or a negative. On one hand, the company might support veteran and spouse applications.  On the other hand, spouses may be discriminated against due to their short-term employment potential with the company.

Read more about the findings to this study.

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