AAFMAA Webinar: VA Ratings 101 – Why 90% + 10% Does Not Equal 100%

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Do you know your VA disability  rating? 

If you or a loved one receives disability benefits from the VA, then chances are you’re pretty familiar with your rating. But do you know how the VA came up with it? Why is your rating what it is? And what does it mean for you and your MilFam?

Your disability rating can have a huge impact on your life and it can be a pretty confusing topic. Getting all the right info is step one.

What Is a VA Disability Rating?

A VA disability rating is a rating assigned to qualified Veterans used by the VA to determine your compensation rate. It is based on the severity of the applicant’s injuries and includes information gathered through the applicant, their disability claim, and any information from additional, external sources like federal agencies.

How Do VA Disability Ratings Work?

Knowing what your VA disability rating is one thing. But knowing what that rating means and what it can do for you and your MilFam is another thing entirely. There is a unique criteria for rating disabilities and combining individual ratings to form an overall disability rating. It’s not necessarily an easy, cut-and-dry formula. But you’re not alone.

Join experts from AAFMAA Member Benefits for a complimentary webinar that will explore VA ratings, the combined ratings table, and the theory behind its methodology.

Space for this webinar premiering on April 25, 2019, is limited, so register and reserve your spot now for either the morning (9 a.m.) or afternoon (3 p.m.) session. Whichever is most convenient for you.

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