AAFMAA Webinar: What Are Mortgage Points and When Should I Pay Them?

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Moving is a crazy, life-changing experience. Especially for Military Families that PCS every few years with little or no time to get things in order before it’s time to head off to the next spot.

Whether you’re looking at your house-for-the-moment or your forever-home, knowing all your home-buying options is key when determining exactly how you’ll finance your next big move. Before you make any plans or decisions for your next home, make sure you know the truth about one of the most misunderstood aspects of home financing: Mortgage points.

Whether you’ve done some independent research on your own but are still confused, or this is your first time hearing about hearing about mortgage points, don’t worry. There’s help on the way.

Join Rick Maines, Inside Call Sales Manager of AAFMAA Mortgage Services, for a free complimentary webinar during which he’ll take a deep dive into mortgage points. Rich will help demystify the entire mortgage points concept and help you determine whether they’re a worthwhile option for you and your Military Family.

Space for this webinar is limited, so register now before it fills up.

Take your pick of the Morning Session (March 28, 9am) or the Afternoon Session (March 28, 3pm), whichever is more convenient for you.

To watch any of the previous AAFMAA webinars you may have missed, be sure to check the AAFMAA INTEL Center where you can find dozens of expert webinars available on-demand and totally free.

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