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Military Spouses like you around the world — as well as other contributors touched by the Military — have shared their supportive, informative and inspiring content here on SpouseLink, and we’re proud to share a little bit about them with you here in our Author’s Corner.

If you’d like to appear here, too, please tell us about yourself and share your personal experience with the MilSpouse community. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



Aaron Brodniak owns ATB Consulting, LLC., a company that helps clients determine if a startup brewery is right for them. He also teaches workshops and courses on starting cidery and brewery businesses for Oregon State University. He earned his Master’s in Management at American Public University. Aaron enjoys making his own beer, bicycling and spending time with his family.
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Alison Buckholtz is the spouse of an active-duty Navy pilot and the author of “Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War.”
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Aliyah Meehan BSBA is a Military Spouse, a mother, the Founder and CEO of TRM Assessments, and the Director of Family Engagement at Sandboxx.
Amber Turner optimized
Amber Turner is an entrepreneur, Military Spouse and mother of two. Her HippyFitMom blog addresses health, fitness and wellness issues women have and face. She is also the creator of MilSpouse Minute, a blog platform giving MilSpouses seeking employment a voice and visibility throughout the job seeking process.
American Military University offers more than 190 online degree and certificate programs. AMU’s relevant urriculum, affordability, and flexibility help more than 100,000 working adults worldwide pursue degrees in a diverse variety of subjects. Several AMU faculty members, students, and alumni–who are themselves military  pouses–share their expertise in SpouseLink.
Amy McReady optimized
Amy McCready is a parenting expert and the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions. As the author of “If I Have to Tell You One More Time…The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling,” her strategies have empowered tens of thousands of parents to correct their kids’ misbehaviors without nagging, reminding or yelling.
andy may author's corner
Andrew May has 25 years of mortgage banking experience both owning his own firms, as well as working for AIG, JPMorgan Chase, and Allstate Insurance Company.
Belinda F-H optimized
Belinda Furneaux-Harris is a writer, motivational speaker, a former corporate executive and award-winning international Marketing VP. She runs The Bliss Bible, a blog which helps connect, teach and inspire women around the world to follow their bliss, ignite their spark and wake-up to their gorgeousness.
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Amy (aka Bensgirl10) is the wife of a Sailor, a Texas girl and a caffeine addict who loves blogging and hanging out with her 2 dogs.
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Bethanne Patrick is a writer, author and journalist who has built her career on talking and writing about books. She is the creater of FridayReads and is also known as “The Book Maven.”
Betsy optimized
Betsy is the owner and creator of JavaCupcake. She shares her stories of her life as an Army Spouse, mom and cupcake adventurer in Germany.
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Chambanachik is a MilSpouse blogger, the mama of a baby girl and the wife of a Soldier. She is fond of sad songs, the Midwest and cherry pie!
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Cheryl Gansner is the wife of a severely injured Soldier. Throughout their 9 year relationship, they’ve been separated over 2 years due to Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 & 5. Her husband and hero was severely injured by an improvised explosive device (IED) July 28th, 2006 and spent 20 months rehabilitating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
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Clare Macnaughton is a British MilSpouse and writer, explaining her life from the other side of the British Military. Much of her writing aims to clear up misconceptions about Military life. Her work has appeared in publications such as Huff Post UK, involving motherhood, women’s issues and the Military lifestyle. 
craig gilman
Craig Gilman is an online adjunct who teaches COLL100 for the School of Education at American Military University.  A veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps, he is a former, certified public school secondary social studies teacher with a MS in Education and MA in International Relations from Old Dominion University.
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Donna Koehn is a Herald Tribune reporter covering health and healthcare stories. She is an award-winning journalist with over 2 decades of experience.
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Elaine Blaisdell-Taylor is a consultant and analyst focusing on the media and communications industries. She was telecommuting before it was cool, taking her job around the globe as her husband was transferred with the Army.  She’s also an avid runner and boot camper.  Elaine lives in Mount Pleasant, SC with her husband and 2 daughters.
Erin Rovak optimized
Erin Rovak Henderschedt is a parenting coach, writer, Navy Wife and mom to 4 sons (one who has Autism Spectrum Disorder). She recently parented solo during her husband’s 20 month deployment. The Been There Done That Mom offers insight into Military family life and no nonsense parenting.
everplans optimized helps you be a hero to your family by making sure all your important information, documents and personal messages are stored in a safe place and shared with the people who need it, just in case something happens to you.
frida cooper opt
Frida Cooper has been an independent career consultant for about 12 years. She’s stayed on top of growing industry trends through market research and interaction with young students and working professional alike. She believes that everyone can enjoy a lucrative career by paying close attention to their passions and aptitudes.
hannah becker thumb
Hannah Becker is a millennial author, serial entrepreneur, cattle producer, and Military Spouse dedicated to raising awareness and providing effective solutions for today’s military community. Becker unapologetically uses the “M-word” (Military Spouse) and has a selection of unpatriotic, four-letter words reserved for those who find the military community’s sacrifices “unsuitable” for civilian careers.
Helen Driver is a Military Spouse and a full-time English instructor at APUS. She co-authored the text “Effectiveness in Writing” and has published articles in the field of American history and literature.
her war her voice
Her War, Her Voice. Each woman has a story, and she has the right to tell it. This is the heart of HWHV, a group of women who choose to support those who love someone in uniform. No matter the branch or affiliation.  HWHV believes that a voice can change a moment, but unified voices can change the world.
hilljean optimized
HillJean married her high school sweetheart and is learning to live with him and their 2 beautiful children in an on campus apartment the size of a shoe. She likes sarcasm, photography, crafts that aren’t too hard to make, good food, funny stories, sweet deals, awkward family photos and good books!
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Hope N. Griffin has been married to her Soldier for 10+ years, has 3 beautiful children, and loves connecting with other Military Spouses. Her purpose is to find joy in the everyday and to help others do the same.
jacey eckhart optimized
Jacey Eckhart is the Editor of, author of “The HomeFront Club” and “These Boots.”  She’s also a Military life consultant in Washington, DC.  Her newest CD “I Married a Spartan: The Care and Feeding of your Military Marriage” is available on iTunes and Amazon.
jackie hott optimized
Jackie Hott is an instructor with American Military University. She teaches the Foundations of Learning course.  Before coming to AMU, she taught elementary school, was the director for a nonprofit and worked at Shenandoah University in student affairs.  Jackie boosts her energy by creating a calendar, making to do lists, exercising, and spending time with family.
jacqueline goodrich optimized
Jacqueline Goodrich is the wife of a Wounded Warrior, mother, blogger and dedicated coffee lover. She lives by the motto: “We don’t know what the future holds but we will hold each other throughout and that’s all that matters to us.” 
jacqueline hernandez optimized
Jacqueline Hernandez is a recent NYC law school grad who’s loving her man long distance. Some of her interests include traveling and reading.
jamie dement
Jamie Dement works as an IT Security Consultant. She lives in Florida with her husband, son and 3 cats. She has been a caregiver for her Army Vet for the past 13 years but only recently opened up and admitted her struggles and feelings in an attempt to heal emotionally. Now she uses her writing and her own experiences to help other veteran caregivers.
jd collins optimized
JD Collins is a writer and a new mom. She has been published on Hawaii Army Weekly, Hawaii Military Wives, Military OneClick and Mamá Y Familia.  She writes about the daily challenges of being a working mom and a Military Spouse in her blog “A Semi-Delicate Balance.”  Writing and creating content has always been her passion. She receives inspiration from her family, friends and the amazing adventures she’s able to go on.
jeni o optimized
Jeni O is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton and has been affiliated with the Military her entire life, specifically the Marines.  She is not only married to a Marine, but her father and father-in-law are both Marine vets. She’s known her husband since she was 3-years-old because their fathers served together. 
jess optimized
Jessica Crow is a stay-at-home-mom who has been married to her Army Reserves husband for over 11 years.  She enjoys scrapbooking, spending time with her family and blogging.
jessica lynn optimized
Jessica Lynn is a 20-something expat from New Mexico. She’s an Air Force Wife and new mom who writes about life as a Military Wife, travel, food, health, pregnancy and everything in-between!
Jillian is the creator and author of “A Mom with a Lesson Plan” where you can find simple, playful learning activities and parenting tips.
jo optimized
Jo is a Navy Spouse. Although time away from the man of her dreams is no picnic, Jo has taken that time to get creative with her care packages ideas, crafts, recipes and all sorts of helpful advice and information which she shares on her Jo, My Gosh! blog.
john s optimized
John Sledgianowski is an AAFMAA Benefits Advisor and one of SpouseLink’s resident financial and insurance gurus.
joy optimized
Joy Draper has been an Air Force Wife for the last 7 years. She serves as a Key Spouse with her squadron and has been actively involved in the development of the Spouses Resilience Program at Offutt AFB. She has been married 11 years and has a 10-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. She’s also a blogger and the Deployment and Reintegration Coordinator for Military Spouse Advocacy Network.
kcarlson optimized
Kara Carlson is a Marine Spouse and AAFMAA Marketing pro passing along helpful tips and resources that have helped her out along the way!
katherine optimized
Katherine Newsom is a MilSpouse blogger; sharing her journey through life, marriage and Military life on her blog, The Newsom’s Nest.
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Kathryn Sneed is a Christian stay-at-home-mom and Air Force Wife. She writes about marriage, motherhood, Military life and life with her autistic son on her Singing Through the Rain blog.
kay optimized
Kay Blakley is a busy working wife and mother of three. She depends on the commissary to provide the means to meet everyday challenges we all face to provide affordable family meals that are tasty, nutritious as well as quick and easy to prepare.
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Kevin Hanrahan has served 3 combat tours and was awarded two Bronze Stars and an Army Commendation Medal for Valor. He is the author of the novel in manuscript, “Paws on the Ground” about U.S. Soldiers and the dogs that protect them in the treacherous and alien terrain of Afghanistan. 
kim bessolo 2
Kim Bessolo is a former Military Spouse of 20 years. She has taught first year students at AMU since 2004 and holds a Master’s in Education, a graduate certificate in online teaching, and participates in university initiatives related to her field whenever possible.
obst optimized
Kristen Obst is the Program Director for the Public Administration and Security Management Programs, and Associate Professor of Public Administration, at American Public University System. She is the proud mother of 2 little boys and her husband is active-duty Army. She is unabashedly a DIYer and is proudly sporting her tool belt to remove her Christmas lights.
usmc optimized
Kristine Schellhaas founded USMC Life in 2009 as a way to help inspire, connect and educate Marine Corps families. As a public speaker, she created the “Live, Laugh, Learn” military seminars and speaks regularly about her experiences as a Marine Spouse for Operation Homefront. Kristine has been recognized as a finalist for Marine Corps Spouse of the Year and has received 2 military base Spouse of the Year awards.
molinari authors corner
Lisa Smith Molinari is an award-winning syndicated columnist, author, blogger and speaker.  She and her family are currently stationed at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.
macho optimized
Macho Spouse is an educational video series and online resource for male Military Spouses. Their mission is to help male spouses connect with one another and assure that they’re not alone in this Military family lifestyle. 
mary beth optimized
Mary Beth Storjohann is the Founder of Workable Wealth and is a financial planner for Gen Y.  She works as a writer, speaker and financial coach and is passionate about working with individuals and couples in their 20s and 30s to help them plan for and navigate through the financial questions and issues that arise during their post-quarter-life transitions.
mary lu optimized
Mary Lu Meixell is an Army Spouse and the Member Services Coordinator at AAFMAA.
michelle loapo optimized
Michelle Loapo is a thirty-something mom, Army Officer & Army Wife currently stationed in Germany with her Soldier and beautiful baby girl. She loves baking, traveling, shopping, being with her family and all things red and CHOCOLATE. The Army life is a crazy one and brings forth new challenges and experiences every day, but they are sustained by their faith as well as the love and support of family and friends.
michelle watts optimized
Michelle Watts is a Faculty Director at American Military University and is enrolled in the University of Southern Mississippi’s International Development Doctoral program.  She researches and writes on Latin America.  Most recently, she co-authored “Game of Norms: Panama, the International Community, and Indigenous Rights” forthcoming in the Latin American Policy Journal.
msan small logo optimized
Military Spouse Advocacy Network provides the resources and support that Military Spouses need to face any challenge. Their volunteers’ devotion to help other Military families is what is improving the support system they receive at their installation; their advocates are making a great difference in the Military family and spousal community!
msba logo optimized
Military Spouse Business Association provides a forum through which you will find valuable information, whether you are a Military Spouse entrepreneur, or a member of the general public wanting to support a Military Spouse-owned business.
mindy optimized
Mindy Johnson is a New York City girl who has been around the world and back. She’s traveled, lived and worked in a number of locations around the world, from the Middle East to the Pacific, eventually deciding to become a vegetarian. While she’s not the strictest of vegetarians, she’s still “Pretty Veggie!“
mom corps optimized
Mom Corps is a recognized leader in professional recruiting solutions and career development.  Mom Corps specializes in professional job opportunities that offer job seekers better work-life satisfaction and as such, enables our clients to attract and retain high caliber talent that is proven to be more productive to their organizations. 
mrs. jetplane optimized
Mrs. Jetplane is a sassy, young career woman in her late 20s. She loves reality television, celebrity gossip, online shopping, pugs, fresh flowers, decorating, live music, shoes, traveling, movies, blogging and her USAF officer husband.
nichol h optimized
Nichol H. is a stay-at-home-mom to 2 children, a son who is 8 and a daughter who is 5. Before kids, she had a big obsession with designer gear, and spending way too much money. After her son was born, she had to learn to take advantage of clearances, online shopping and never paying full price.  Now she has an addiction to online shopping for kids deals, online children’s sales and home decor!
nichole author opt.
Nichole Ahlstrom teaches online courses for American Military University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Phoenix.  A military spouse, she lives in Okinawa, Japan with her husband, who is an active duty Marine, and two boys. Nichole loves being a mother, spending time with her family, volunteering, exercising, and traveling.
rachel tringali marston opt
Rachel Tringali Marston is an Army Spouse and a PR and Communications Manager. Before her involvement with the Army, she spent her childhood as an Air Force brat, travelling everywhere from the Philippines to Utah. Check out her blog “The Professional Army Wife” to learn more.
rebecca optimized
Rebecca Goodney is an Army Spouse who conducted research for her dissertation regarding deployment experiences of Military children.
belcher optimized
Ret. Col. Michael Belcher is the former Director for the Marine Corps War College.
rodney optimized
Rodney Smith is the Co-Founder of Helping Hands for Freedom.
ross cutler opt
Ross Cutler graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 2003. He joined AAFMAA in 2012 and continues to assist members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families with their life insurance decisions. 
sarah h optimized
Sarah Hozerland is a mother and Military Spouse currently stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. She received ehr bachelor’s degree in history from Fayetteville State University and is a former member of the AAFMAA team.
volkin 1 optimized
Sgt. Michael Volkin is the inventor of Strength Stack 52 bodyweight exercise cards and the Weight Loss Stack 52.
Shaye Molendyke is a 23 year veteran in the US Air Force as well as a proud Military Spouse and a mother of 2 Military children. She has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2003. Today, Shaye is the Director of the Yogafit for Warriors program helping those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and all forms of trauma.
sittercity author avatar
Sittercity helps finding the perfect sitter or nanny a better experience for families.  The Sittercity Military Program offers memberships to Military Families that are fully paid for by the Department of Defense for Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force. This includes Active Duty, Reserve and Guard. Use your membership to find babysitters, nannies, last minute care, pet sitters, housekeepers, PCS help and more!
stacy optimized
Stacy Swearengen is the owner of Military Spouse Portable Career Planning and the wife of an active-duty Soldier.  A Certified Career, Education and Adult Learning Coach, Stacy provides Military Spouses with a proactive, strategic approach to career fulfillment through the development of individualized Portable Career Plans.
tami optimized
Tami Patton is a Military Spouse of 19+ years and a Family Resiliency Trainer for FOCUS at MCB, Quantico, VA.  She received her Master’s degree in Education from East Carolina University.  A licensed and experienced teacher by training, her work with FOCUS concentrates on leading FOCUS workshops and skill building groups for adults and children.  Her specialties include group level training and communication within Military families. 
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Tatum V. is a U.S. Marine Combat Correspondent and used to be 30 pounds over his weight limit. As the Corps prepared to kick him out, he kicked it into gear. Since he conquered his weight goals, he has become a pro at getting fit and wants to pass along his story and info that helped him get there.
teresa optimized
Teresa Jones is a proud Military Wife who has survived 2 deployments and doesn’t think being married to a Drill Sergeant is so bad. Her family is stationed in Georgia and she’s been married for almost 6 years. After years of infertility treatment, she and her husband had their first child by using a frozen embryo after an IVF fail and were featured on TLC’s “A Conception Story” for 2 seasons. 
teresa w optimized
Teresa Warner is a seasoned Army Wife and mother of 7 beautiful children. Her hobbies include reading, writing, cooking and spending time with her family. Teresa holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo in Exercise Science. She works from home as a social media marketer and content creation specialist, and enjoys the freedom that running her own virtual assisting business allows. 
care 2 optimized
The Caregiver Study was created to generate information that policy makers in Congress can use to understand the needs and service requirements of caregivers of service members with TBI.
judy optimized
The Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, blogger and author who is the expert in helping Military Spouses move Beyond Logistics toward a better life.
vicki optimized
Vicki Johnson is a Dallas native, married to an active-duty Soldier and has 3 sons.  She’s always had a gift for giving quick advice and steering people in the right direction. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing services for a wide array of concerns such as combat stress, PTSD, couples and marital problems, depression, grief and loss, stress and coping. 

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