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SpouseLink supports, informs and inspires Military Spouses with personal stories and news — everything from pop culture to important Military information. Be part of our Military Spouse communities — website, social channels and events — designed with both female and male Military Spouses in mind.

Our philosophy is simple: Military Spouses matter.

SpouseLink.org was created by AAFMAA, a non-profit, membership association that supports the American Armed Forces community with affordable insurance and widow survivor assistance services. Military Families call AAFMAA when they need help, from how to navigate confusing benefits to next steps after losing a loved one. They’re always looking for new ways to support the Military community, and after several AAFMAA members’ spouses suggested a website just for MilSpouses, AAFMAA created SpouseLink.org.

We want to hear from you. Share what matters to you.

Ways to connect with SpouseLink:

  • SpouseLink Website
    You’re here! This is your place to stay in touch with issues important to you. Making a PCS? Check out SpouseLink for ways to make a smooth transition. Need a gift for a friend who’s moving away? You’ll find gift ideas and gift wrapping tips on SpouseLink. Kids out of control? Get advice from other MilSpouses who’ve been there. Attending a military ball? We’ve got beauty and fashion tips for you. Planning a party for your military family and friends? Check out our collection of recipes… You get the idea.
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    We share even more information on our social channels. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and YouTube. Be sure to help us spread the word by liking and sharing our posts. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Events Near You
    Our SpouseLink Ambassadors live in military communities around the country. They host and attend a variety of events throughout the year on behalf of SpouseLink and AAFMAA. Be on the lookout at an event near you, if you live in one of their communities.


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SpouseLink Partners

We’re proud to share a similar philosophy with businesses and organizations by continuing to extend our MilSpouse support network.


FOCUS: CI is a study to evaluate the effects of combat injuries on all members of a family: the injured servicemember/veteran, partner and children. The study is designed to shed light on the recovery of injured individuals and how they and their families may best be helped over time.



SpouseLink.org, AAFMAA and the Military Spouse eMentor Leadership Program are teaming up to provide career support, information and guidance within the military community.


Military Bridge LogoMILITARY BRIDGE

MilitaryBridge is an Online Review, Discount & Resource Platform for Military Members and Their Families.MB has launched several new features in 2016 to better serve the military community due to a lack of resources in the PCS process. Military members and their families now have a place where they can Read or Leave Reviews on best businesses, services, apartments, military housing, neighborhoods, schools, and military bases. We are all in this military life together, and you can help others by leaving a review on a business listed or recommending and reviewing a great business/service that has helped you out. MB will continue to share the military discounts we were founded on, and to provide a resource to learn about local, national, and online military discounts and appreciation offers. We also continue to grow our military resources such as military-related non-profits, important military websites, and military bloggers sharing information from all aspects of military life. Join the MB community today! We’d love to have you!



Millie provides military families with information and on-the-ground support to ease the stress of your next move. Get the details on neighborhoods, schools and more, plus smart tips to keep in mind when you’re making a PCS.


mom corps partner pageMOM CORPS

For nearly a decade, Mom Corps has been successfully matching professionals seeking greater work-life satisfaction with companies looking to recruit and retain top talent. We are partnering to provide Mom Corps YOU to Military Spouses. A Mom Corps YOU membership offers job seekers and Military Spouses searching for work-life satisfaction a one-stop community for job search and work-life tools, expert advice and a support forum to learn and share with others.



Military spouses are talented individuals and it is the Milspouse Minute goal to bring them to the forefront and have them share their mission with the world. The forum will give military spouses a voice that they desperately need. The mission of Milspouse Minute is to create a military spouse blog platform for self-promotion that will lead to jobs as well as opportunities by connecting them with employers.



The Macho Spouse mission is to help male military spouses connect with one another and assure that we are not alone in this military family lifestyle. Our vision is to become an organization that helps increase America’s national security efforts through a global network of male military spouses who enhance the readiness of our female active duty spouses and families.



MSAN provides information on resources, benefits, career and education opportunities, webinars, and much more. MSAN is working hard to have at least one MSAN Advocate at each military installation. What makes MSAN different from other organizations that support military families? MSAN Advocates work directly with the installation’s leadership and local agencies to improve the support system and empower all military spouses with new opportunities!

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SpouseLink.org partners with the Military Spouse Business Association to support MilSpouses interested in self-employment and business success.




SpouseLink.org, AAFMAA and the Military Spouse eMentor Leadership Program are teaming up to provide career support, information and guidance within the military community.



Military Spouse Connections and SpouseLink have joined together to work toward a common mission of informing MilSpouses about amazing employment opportunities available to them, providing career improvement skill support and inspiring them to achieve their goals.



Spirit Of Sharing provides assistance throughout the year for Southern California active duty military service members and their families. However, SOS provides the greatest assistance during the holiday season and attempts to recreate the spirit of the season at Christmas. SOS is a 501©3 non-profit that traditionally has focused on military families with children and puts a special emphasis on military families that have been, or are being deployed.


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